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YouTube clip shows Ella recruiting Jonah to help her fight Amanda’s embezzlement plot.

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When we last saw our favorite publicist Ella Simms (Katie Cassidy), things weren’t looking too good as she stared down the barrel of Amanda’s plot to set her up for embezzling funds from WPK. The new preview clip posted to the CW Network’s YouTube channel, however, shows that Ella isn’t one to be underestimated. When pushed to the wall, Ella does as Victoria’s Secret might suggest and dons some sexy lingerie to lure Jonah (Michael Rady) into her plan to hack into the WPK files to wipe out Amanda’s bogus billing statements incriminating her. Alas, it turns out that they would need to get past a WPK tech geek to access the files. Something tells me a certain IT guy is gonna get a surprise visit from a pretty blonde when Tuesday rolls around. Tune in Melrosers!

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New YouTube video pays tribute to Melrose Place’s “Bad Romances.”

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Melrose Place has only four episodes left to prove itself worthy of renewal for another season so fans need to rise up and be counted! I’m doing my best to put Melrose out into the blogosphere and encourage fans to post pictures on Facebook and watch the fun YouTube tribute videos. Melrose fans may not yet be as numerous as American Idol followers, but we’re certainly creative. As it happens, I’m trying to go viral and spread the Melrose love with my own tribute video on YouTube focusing on those romantic entanglements of our favorite Melrosers. Ella fans should be pleased. Plenty of fashion shots to ogle. LOL. With apologies to Lady Gaga, it’s called Melrose Place’s Bad Romances and can be seen here.

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Funny new Melrose Place clip shows Ella going to the dogs.

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Ella (Katie Cassidy) may have gotten her man, but from the looks of the CW’s new teaser clip on YouTube it looks like the whole boyfriend-girlfriend thing is gonna take some getting used to. Jonah (Michael Rady) takes her to a birthday party thrown by one of his industry friends where she winces when he tries to hold hands with her and introduces her as his girlfriend rather than his publicist.  Ella, decked out in Balenciaga, her customary killer shoes and the designer bag of the moment, discovers the guest of honor is a pooch. Like the pro she is, she pays proper respects to the canine cutie, then promptly asks for some hand sanitizer!

YouTube footage copyright 2009 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Nick Zano gets the YouTube spotlight as Melrose Place’s new guy.

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The CW Network has wisely posted a teaser clip on YouTube that focuses on new Melrose Place cast member Nick Zano as Dr. Drew Pragin and, based on what I saw in the footage, it looks like he may just add some zing to Melrose after all. Drew Pragin is ostensibly a replacement for Colin Egglesfield’s Auggie, a cast firing that caused uproar aplenty among dedicated Auggie fans, but his scenes are more lighthearted than the smoldering angst of our soon-to-be-evicted hottie chef. As Ella puts it, Drew is a cocky frat boy who wants to have fun, when he’s not saving lives or fighting with Jonah over Riley, that is. Zano and Jessica Lucas certainly look mighty fine in the Melrose pool together. Just be careful, Dr. Drew. As Melrose fans know very well, those are some dangerous waters! Welcome to the neighborhood.

YouTube footage copyright 2009 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Melrose Place YouTube video previews new Amanda and Ella scene.

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The CW Network has posted another preview video for its March 9 episode “Oriole” (Don’t ask me what these random episode titles mean. A baseball reference perhaps?). The clip features a fun early morning scene between Amanda and a disheveled Ella. I”m guessing Ella is doing the “walk of shame” from a night with Jonah and Amanda demonstrates that it’s never too early in the day to serve up some bitchery sans the coffee and toast. I wonder how long Ella’s going to put up with it? Tune in Melrosers!

YouTube footage copyright 2009 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

YouTube video previews romantic twists for Melrose Place in March.

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With less than two weeks to go before Melrose Place returns with fresh episodes, the CW Network is loading up its YouTube channel with teaser videos to highlight the show’s new tone. Aiming for a lighter mood, one video focuses on the romantic entanglements awaiting the characters as new faces arrive on the scene. While David and Lauren continue their budding romance it looks like Riley will try to win Jonah back from Ella (boring!) but may be distracted by new resident hunk Dr. Drew, played by Nick Zano (marginally less boring). Don’t expect Ella to stand by while Riley reclaims Jonah. Our Miss Simms whips out the sexy lingerie and fights for her guy (with a curly new ‘do, no less!). A newly widowed Michael tries to rekindle the dysfunctional flame with ex-wife Jane while Amanda gets a dose of grown-up canoodling with actor Billy Campbell, who co-starred with Sela Ward in the 1999-2002 series Once and Again. Let’s hope Ella isn’t into older guys, for her sake. Check out more Melrose teasers at YouTube here.

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