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The ten hottest topics on Melrose Place (so far).

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There are two more episodes of Melrose Place left and before the big finale airs I thought it would be good to review what’s been working for the show. Based on upticks in page views of this blog over the past seven months, I’ve determined which stars and plotlines were hits with the viewers and am sharing the results with my followers as a top-ten list. This is all VERY unscientific and some of it seems pretty obvious (i.e., Ella’s shoes), but hey — it’s fun, so without further ado, I present the ten most popular Melrose-related search topics according to yours truly. Hopefully next year I can do a rundown of season two’s hot subjects.


#10 – Victor Webster as Caleb – The Melrose producers may not have chosen to keep Caleb around when Heather Locklear returned as Amanda, but a post I made back in January suggesting he be brought back STILL is getting hits and is one of the few posts to elicit comments from diehard Melrose fans. A missed opportunity indeed.

#9 – The Melrose Place spread in Entertainment Weekly – Melrose fans really liked the shot of the new cast featured in the Fall TV Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly. My scan of the two-page spread is one of the most popular images that leads people to Melrose Again through image searches.

#8 – TV Guide’s behind-the-scenes tour of Melrose Place – Melrose fans were very eager to have the show return after nearly three long months of reruns, so when TV Guide ran a full page of photos of the cast with commentary from gorgeous Stephanie Jacobsen (Lauren), my scan got a big welcome from Web surfers.


#7 – Is Violet Sydney’s nutcase daughter? – We now know that a biological link was the reason for the eerie similarities between the dearly departed Sydney Andrews and fellow carrot-top troublemaker Violet Foster.

#6 – Josie Bissett’s guest appearance – Jane is anything but plain judging from the hits I still get from people Googling for pictures and information about her portrayer, Josie Bissett. Maybe she should return permanently.

#5 – Melissa Ordway, Melrose’s newest bombshell – She’s only been in two episodes so far, but this sexy blonde has made a big impact with Melrose fans curious about Morgan, the new girl in town.

#4 – Jane and Ella’s fashion statements –  The shot I posted of Jane and Ella  in designer threads is a super popular image on this blog. Most of the searches seem to be about the killer shoes Ella tends to wear.

#3 – Vanessa is revealed as Sydney’s killer on December 8 – The Melrose producers may have thought the murder mystery was too dark for the masses, but my post about the exciting episode that solved the crime is the most popular storyline among Melrose Again visitors so far. I’ve gotten views from as far as Germany.

#2 – Katie! Katie! Katie! – It’s all about Ella, folks. Katie Cassidy is by most accounts the show’s breakout star and page views on this blog zoom whenever she or her character are the subject of a post. Like I said, obvious stuff.


#1 – My theory that Vanessa offed Sydney, posted before the December 8 episode aired, is my most popular entry so far. Although subsequent posts have garnered big view tallies, this item still gets hits from all across the world since Melrose aired later in other countries.

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Why Melrose Place should rehire Victor Webster as Caleb.

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Victor Webster should return as Caleb seeking revenge against Amanda.

Happy New Year to my fellow Melrose Place fans. I realize you’re miffed about the CW’s decision to hold off on airing new episodes until March but hang in there. The last episode showed some promise that the show would head in a snappier new direction that will hopefully lift its ratings. I’m using the lull in action to brainstorm ways they can juice up their storylines and, following my December 17 post about rehiring Jenna Dewan as Kendra, I’m suggesting that the MP producers bring back hunky Victor Webster as PR stud Caleb Brewer. This blog has seen its fair share of page views based on Google searches for the sexy Canadian actor who had memorable stints on the syndicated sci-fi show Mutant X and Charmed, so I can vouch for his appeal. Aside from Victor’s obvious attributes, the character of Caleb presents Melrose Place an opportunity to claim a unique spot in the evolving depiction of gay characters on broadcast TV. More than a decade after Doug Savant’s chaste portrayal of social worker Matt Fielding on the original Melrose, producers of the CW’s reboot had a chance to present a full-bodied storyline of a single, sexy professional gay guy in as much vivid detail as those of its straight characters. On the surface, this might not seem so groundbreaking since ABC’s Brothers & Sisters regularly shows its gay couple kissing on the mouth and Showtime’s Queer as Folk , arguably cable TV’s gay equivalent to Melrose, depicted this and much more from 2000 to 2005. Nevertheless, I think Melrose dropped the ball, so to speak, by losing Caleb. When Heather Locklear returned as Amanda to reclaim control of WPK and axed Caleb, his sexiest moment had been a sly double entendre shared with fashion designer client Anton V about steak tartar while bisexual Ella swapped spit with hotties of both genders left and right. This was another example of the media’s hesitance to show a gay character with leading man potential in a sexy light. I applaud ABC’s hit Modern Family for including a gay couple as central characters, but I suspect their approachable, average looks don’t feel as threatening to the TV powers-that-be as Caleb’s smoldering sex appeal. As the recent Adam Lambert American Music Awards controversy showed, it seems good-looking gays still need to tone it down for mainstream America. Aside from this double standard, I think there’s room for a powerful storyline in which Caleb clobbers Amanda with a sexual discrimination lawsuit, sets up his own agency and recruits Ella as his VP. Having Amanda nose around for a missing painting, no matter how pricey, is a yawn, dramatically speaking. She needs someone strong and crafty to come up against and I think Caleb can bring it. And it wouldn’t hurt if he loses the shirt from time to time in the process.

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What is Amanda (Heather Locklear) looking for on Melrose Place?

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Can Ella (Katie Cassidy) live up to Amanda's devious diva standards?

Hurricane Heather Hits

November 17:  While lovebirds Riley and Jonah celebrate the rollout of Riley’s ads for Anton V’s eco denim line, Ella and Caleb are busy planning for the big PR launch party when their meeting is interrupted by legendary ad whiz turned PR queen Amanda Woodward (Heather Locklear, finally)  fresh from WPK’s New York office.  Amanda quickly shows how ten years away from L.A. haven’t slowed her down much as she rips into Caleb for putting in too many “man hours” on the Anton V account and promptly dismisses him, along with his “bat and balls.” Caleb tells Ella on the street that Amanda has an ulterior motive for returning to L.A. Will he pop up later with a discrimination lawsuit? When Ella tries to cozy up to her imperious new boss, she’s quickly put in her place and ordered to get Riley to spout sound bites from a fake bio jazzed up to add some rags-to-riches street cred to her privileged history. Riley balks at the prospect of lying for Amanda but relents when Ella tells her she can kiss her $10,000 fee goodbye if she doesn’t follow orders. Riley of course blows it at the big party and comes clean when a reporter from Vogue quizzes her about her supposed life of struggle and how her students must respect her.  Jonah is proud of the bone-headed beauty. Amanda, however, is not amused. After Ella passes Amanda’s unusual test of a tempting job offer from a beautiful British talent agent whose idea of a job interview involves the international language of French kissing, the senior blonde commands her potential protégé to prove her Amanda-in-training potential by finking on Riley to her boss at school for using sick days to model for Anton V.  Ella, who isn’t as ruthless as Queen Amanda (for now, anyway), refuses, so Amanda does the deed herself and Riley promptly loses her teaching gig. Thanksgiving will be pretty lean at the lovebirds’ nest, it seems. Nosing around Sydney’s surprisingly accessible apartment later, Amanda finds a taunting note from the ratty redhead boasting she’ll never find what she’s looking for. Syd always did love sticking it to Amanda, even in the afterlife.

Does Caleb (Victor Webster) have grounds for a discrimination lawsuit against Amanda?

If the Bloody Necklace Fits…

Auggie returns from his trip only to land in jail. David, who’s quickly emerging as Melrose’s unlikely white knight, compares notes with the Augster about the night Syd was offed and the hunky pair conclude that Auggie got caught up in a set-up meant for David, who suspects his dad Michael. After getting bailed out by David, Auggie interrupts the Melrosers lounging by the pool and gets a chilly reception even from a conflicted, but bodacious, Riley rocking a hot blue bikini. Violet, of course, is the all over the situation and keeps popping in on the Augster to lend a sympathetic naked limb or two. It isn’t until Riley’s latest rejection nearly pushes Auggie back to the bottle that Miss Violet, finding him alone, friendless, and most importantly, shirtless, hits the jackpot and distracts him with another vigorous round of boot bumping. She does wear amazing designer booties, doesn’t she? David, meanwhile, cases out Papa Mancini’s mansion and has a run-in with Michaels’ gigantic wife Vanessa (Brooke Burns). David warns the clueless Amazon that Dr. Mancini may have killed his mistress Sydney and suggests she take their kid and ditch the devious doctor. She remains strangely unresponsive. Later that night, David searches Michael’s car and finds the necklace Sydney wore the night she died, covered in blood in a zip-lock bag. Did Michael hide it there or did Violet do it to frame him during their recent encounter? Maybe Michael can explain himself on the December 1 episode which reunites him with his old neighbor, and sometime partner-in-crime, Amanda.

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Access Hollywood previews Heather Locklear’s return to Melrose Place.

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Tired of seeing that “Amanda Is Back” ad running endlessly on The CW? Check out Access, which has some great scenes of Heather Locklear’s first episode as Amanda Woodward on the new Melrose Place. Based on the in-depth preview, Heather hasn’t lost her bitchy bite, even though she may look  somewhat “refreshed” since her last appearance on the original show ten years ago. The couger version of Amanda leads with her cleavage and takes no prisoners, which means bad news for fans of Victor Webster’s Caleb. Click here to see how Ella’s job is about to get twice as hard.

Heather Preview Access Hollywood

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David (Shaun Sipos) suspects he killed Sydney on Melrose Place.

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Sydney the black widow

Is David (Shaun Sipos) being framed for Sydney's murder?

David’s Bloody Blackout

The November 3 episode put David in the hot seat as detective Rodriguez continued his probe into Sydney’s murder. After the good detective pressured him to fess up about providing Ella a fake alibi, a spooked David ran to Ella to get their stories straight about the night Syd died. Ella thinks her shady private eye offed Sydney when the randy redhead discovered him searching her pad at Ella’s instructions. David knew differently, with good reason. His flashback sequence revealed that his relationship with Sydney started much like all the other Melrosers’ love/hate interactions with her. Dressed like a high-fashion widow in black, Syd came upon him while he mourned his dead mom and wasted no time in distracting him from his heartache with a rigorous roll between the sheets. Like all Sydney’s relationships, things turned ugly when David realized she had maneuvered him into an affair to get back at his dad Michael Mancini. He later remembered waking up covered in blood with a blood-soaked knife in his hand just as Syd was doing her floating fish impression in the Melrose pool. Racing to the construction site where he remembered burying the evidence, David was bummed to discover it gone. It was tagged and bagged by the cops, much like David may be if the fingerprints on the knife match his.


Will Kendra (Jenna Dewan) pave the way for Jonah to cheat... with Ella?

Medical Intervention

Auggie had a very bad day when Riley, sensing that Jonah is drifting from her, stopped by Coal to tell him they can’t be jogging buddies anymore since it makes Jonah such a green-eyed monster. Things got worse when his increasingly obnoxious boss Marcello made some crude remarks about Riley’s shapely bod and he snapped, beating the Stove Top stuffing out of the frisky foodie. Sensing an opening, Violet paid a well-timed visit to Auggie when he was lonely, jobless and, most importantly, shirtless. Following Mama Sydney’s lead, she made him feel all better with a rigorous round of boot bumpin’ on his sofa. Over at WPK, Ella and her boss Caleb went into crisis-control mode to cover up the near-fatal drug overdose of one of their top clients with a clean-cut public image. The stakes were so high that the pretty publicist offered Lauren a $50,000 bribe to create fake hospital admission papers for the drugged-out star. Lauren didn’t appreciate the insinuation she would sell out (at least when it comes to her day job) and further resented Ella’s accurate conclusion that she’s paying her med school bills by toiling in the world’s oldest profession. Ella decided to take the high road and gave the media the truth about her client’s overdose to do the right thing by him (for a change) and the roomies called a truce. Previews for next week’s episode indicate Ella may get sidetracked from her suspicions about Lauren by finally making her move on a slowly straying Jonah. Tune in Melrosers!

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Riley becomes a model and Violet blackmails Michael on Melrose Place.

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Will Riley swap fingerpainting for catwalking?

Will Riley swap fingerpainting for catwalking?

Financial Downturn

The residents of Melrose Place were brought together by money problems. Lauren (Stephanie Jacobsen) and David (Shaun Sipos), in fact, got a little too close for comfort when he showed up at a yacht party where she was entertaining as part of Madam Wendy’s hooker harem. Luckily for Lauren one of the other working girls took a liking to her and distracted David, giving Lauren the chance to jump ship before he could spot her. Ditching her Versace knockoff, Lauren came upon a bruised and battered David back at the complex after he’d been beaten to a pulp by the goons of a big fence who wanted him to swipe some Egyptian artwork. Lauren takes him to the hospital for emergency treatment and Michael (Thomas Calabro) orders her to keep an eye on him. David, like Lauren, is swimming in dangerous waters and it’s bringing them closer. Will the hooker and the thief be Melrose’s new twosome? Life is destined to get a lot more interesting for Riley, much to Ella’s dismay, after WPK client Anton V insists that she become the face of his new eco-friendly denim line. Riley (Jessica Lucas) turns the offer down at first, citing her dedication to her first-grade teaching job, but later realizes that $10,000 for five days work can come in handy when she discovers Jonah trying to sell his video camera to raise rent money. Jonah is touched by her support. Ella could just wretch at their cooing and Jacob (Victor Webster) lands a dinner date with a pleased Anton, who announces a sudden craving for steak tartar… as in raw beef. 

Violet set up the lecherous Dr. Michael Mancini. Sydney would be proud.

Violet set up the lecherous Dr. Michael Mancini. Sydney would be proud.

Playing the Doctor

Violet (Ashlee Simpson-Wentz) is in the mood for meat as well. While Auggie takes a much-deserved break from her stalking by going on a trip, she creeps around his pad and finds a note from Sydney sharing with the Augster how Dr. Michael made her life miserable for so many years. Quickly figuring out that Michael’s vulnerable spot lies below his belt, Violet downs a six-pack of what looks like Red Bull and shows up at the hospital dressed in hot pants, a cute hat and a serious case of heart palpitations. Michael’s heart starts racing too, given his well-documented weakness for doe-eyed bimbos. Violet miraculously recovers when he suggests conducting some tests and offers to give him a free drink at Coal. He of course takes her up on the offer and ends up pretty tipsy, making him easy prey for the red-haired nymphet, who shows up later at his mansion with videotaped evidence of their backseat exam in his car. Threatening to show the iPhone eyeful to his Amazonian wife, a vengeful Violet demonstrates to Michael that she may indeed be her mother’s daughter after all.

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Ella (Katie Cassidy) becomes the prime suspect in Sydney’s death on Melrose Place.

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Ella’s Crappy Birthday

Did Ella's war with Sydney end with her killing the ratty redhead?

Did Ella's war with Sydney end with her killing the ratty redhead?

Ella’s birthday doesn’t quite go the way she planned. She arrives at her office at WPK to find the cops waiting to interrogate her following Jane’s incriminating phone call to them about Ella’s threatening emails to Sydney just before her death. Ella’s flashbacks showed us how Syd was impressed enough with how Ella used crocodile tears to wriggle out of getting towed to hire her to publicize her art gallery. Their relationship soured, however, when Ella’s PR results didn’t translate into sales for Syd. As Ella’s star rose at WPK, Sydney felt pushed aside and left behind so she waged a campaign to knock Ella down to size. Their bitchy back-and-forth pushed Ella to hire a sleazy Hollywood private eye to dig up dirt on how Syd was trying to ruin Ella’s life. Problem was that the snoop happened upon Sydney’s murder scene. The big question is whether he offed her (too obvious a scenario, if you ask me) or found her after Ella had done the deed, as he told the cops, who are only too eager to slap cuffs on the shapely Miss Simms. 

Violet's attraction to Auggie is proving dangerous for those around him.

Violet's attraction to Auggie is proving dangerous for those around him.

It Takes a Thief

Ella’s party at Coal was rife with tension as the Melrosers bickered left and right while Ella unwrapped her presents. Jonah suspected David (the cat burglar) of swiping an expensive diamond necklace that was in the footage he showed David of some mansions he videotaped for a high-end real estate agent. David was indignant at Jonah’s accusations and Jonah ended up apologizing later when the necklace turned up. David played it cool and let Jonah eat crow but we know better, don’t we? Riley, meanwhile, had her own tiff with Lauren for standing her up on a planned shopping trip for her wedding gown. Riley feels neglected by Lauren, who has been extra busy with her hospital gig and her night job as a hooker. Funny how time flies when you’re juggling saving lives with servicing unrealistically handsome johns. Honestly, does anyone else notice how lucky Lauren has been to only get good-looking customers? Why do they need to pay for sex in the first place??? Lauren’s dance card is gonna get a whole lot busier now that Wendy the madam has hired her full time and Riley is expecting her to fulfill her duties as her maid of honor. At Coal, Violet, who is still angling to get closer to Auggie, wasn’t digging how Kira the hot bartender was touching his arm. Forget that the Augster apparently had been Kira’s AA buddy. What’s a girl to do? Well, she makes sure to be extra helpful to Kira and plants $700 from the register in the poor gal’s purse when she isn’t looking, conveniently knocking it off the bar so the cash spills out right in front of Auggie. Kira maintains her innocence but the boss doesn’t buy it and cans her. A smirking Violet ends up with her job and finishes the episode holding Auggie’s well-muscled arm. Fancy that!

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