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Melrose Place gang gets a two-page spread in Entertainment Weekly!

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The sweet young things from The CW Network’s new Melrose Place are still the darlings of the media, scoring their third consecutive two-page spread in a major magazine. Entertainment Weekly’s Fall TV preview issue features the cast, including original Melrose stars Laura Leighton and Thomas Calabro, in a fun-loving pose uncorking Champagne. Although nicely decked out, as usual, they appear more spontaneous and happy to finally be on air. Here’s the scan (in two parts so you can see how cute they all are up close) and tune in on Tuesday!

Melrose in EW 1


Melrose in EW 2


Melrose Place returns and, yep, Sydney’s dead.

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TV Guide featured Laura Leighton and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz on its Fall Sneak Preview issue.

TV Guide featured Laura Leighton and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz on the cover of its Fall Sneak Preview issue.

Hello, I Must be Going

So the rumors were true. Laura Leighton returned to her role of Sydney Andrews on the new version of Melrose Place only to be killed off in the first ten minutes of the premiere episode. Luckily the new show’s premise works in flashbacks of Syd giving the cast ample reasons to off her. Flashback Sydney blackmailing her tenants left and right while hittin’ the sauce is better than no Sydney at all, we say. We’re also happy to see that the new Melrose residents are an interesting group independent of the murder mystery. The new Amanda, publicist Ella Simms (Katie Cassidy), is arguably the most fascinating of the new players. Like Amanda before her, Ella talks tough and has a voracious lust for life, not to mention hotties of both genders, but she showed a soft side when she learned of good-guy filmmaker Jonah Miller’s proposal to good-girl teacher Riley (Jessica Lucas). A visibly disappointed Ella was quick to point out that it wasn’t a good sign that Riley hesitated to accept his proposal. When Jonah (Michael Rady) later melted Riley’s heart by refusing to sell out to a movie mogul after accidentally filming him cheating on his Hollywood wife during his kid’s lavish birthday party, Melrose’s cutest couple celebrated in grand romantic style while Ella distracted herself with a hot nightclub hookup with a sexy girl. Michael Mancini’s son David (Shaun Sipos) is definitely a chip off the old Mancini block. We’re introduced to him while he’s hooking up with a gal and gets called away by Syd, who of course was hitting the sheets with him as well as with the still married Dr. Mancini. Next thing we know she’s sucking pool water face down while fellow redhead Violet (Ashley Simpson-Wentz) screams her head off. Violet is supposed to be an innocent, but when she gives cash-strapped med student Lauren (Stephanie Jacobsen) advice about swapping sexual favors for money, the devilish glint in her eyes suggested that she may indeed be Syd’s daughter. Her swiping Syd’s photo at the end lent credibility to this theory. Auggie, the sexy chef played by Colin Egglesfield, burned somebody’s bloodied shirt in the final scene. Who’s he protecting? Tune in next week, Melrosers! Overall, I like this new Melrose, even though there’s no cool theme song. Guess you can’t have everything.

The new Melrose Placers get the spotlight in Nylon and In Style!

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The wait for the new Melrose Place is almost over!  The PR machine for the eagerly anticipated update of the classic ’90s potboiler is in high gear, with the hot new Melrose cast members posing prettily for magazines like In Style and TV Guide. Below is the “exclusive” two-page spread featured in this month’s In Style. I’m not sure how exclusive it is since TV Guide ran shots of the cast on set in its August 24 sneak peek at Fall’s new shows and the cast is also featured in the TV issue of Nylon. Not that I’m complaining. The more the merrier when it comes to Melrose Place I always say! In Style gave the Melrosers the Gap treatment in comfy white tees and jeans while Nylon opted to style the cast in individualized trendy looks. See the scans below and tune in tomorrow!




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