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TV reports that Violet and Auggie will depart Melrose Place in January.

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Will Violet drive off a cliff with Auggie when they depart Melrose Place?

Will Violet drive off a cliff with Auggie when they depart Melrose Place?

TV broke the news that Melrose Place will see the departure of Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Colin Egglesfield in January. This news is a mixed bag depending on how you look at it. Ashlee definitely was a polarizing presence on the show. Her less than stellar acting sparked much online grousing and the fact she was playing a clearly disturbed character didn’t help matters. I attribute the controversy to her monotone line readings, seemingly delivered flatly to convey an underlying case of the crazypants. She has her fans, to be sure, but her detractors are louder. Guys like her painted-on clothes and bad-girl pout while her female supporters relate to her quirky girl vibe. You know what I mean. She’s kind of pretty, but not quite the belle of the ball. This actually works in her favor and makes her seem accessible. Still, it looks like Violet’s storyline will come to a close after the holidays and Auggie may be collateral damage in the process. So far, Colin Egglesfield has been underused in the role. He has a fan base from the daytime soap “All My Children,” and online chatter indicates he’s a heartthrob in the making. Like Jake (Grant Show) on the original Melrose, Auggie is a regular hunk who has yet to reveal all his layers. I think Melrose producers need to give him more shirtless scenes and pair him with Amanda Woodward when Heather Locklear arrives in November. It is the year of the TV cougar after all and it would be a waste of a perfectly good hunk to kill him off as part of Violet’s send off. TV Guide’s good news is that Billy Campbell has been cast as Amanda’s love interest and, in the best news by far, Heather is slated to appear on all the remaining Melrose episodes of the season. Let the games begin!

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October 23, 2009 at 9:54 am

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