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Katie Cassidy fan mobilizes social media campaign to save Melrose Place.

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In the weeks following the season finale of Melrose Place, I’ve seen fans use all forms of social media with a determination to maintain buzz for the show so the CW Network will take note and renew it in the eleventh hour. Melrosers have taken to Twitter and Facebook to exchange tips on how to keep Melrose visible, with good reason. The CW Network’s presentation of its Fall lineup to the TV media is coming up in May, so efforts to save the show must build to a crescendo now. I’m doing my part, but I have to admit that I’m very impressed by the passion of one particular fan, whose devotion to Our Miss Ella, Katie Cassidy, is surely known by anyone with a Twitter account: KCassidyFans. This devoted Katie follower has wowed me with an amazing knowledge of social media, teaching me a few new tricks in the process. Indeed, I’ve been using the hashtag #SOSMelrosePlace and added a Melrose twibbon to my Twitter avatar at KCassidyFans’ urging. Hopefully, it has contributed to the growing clamor for a Melrose renewal. The latest phase of KCassidyFan’s campaign involves a tip sheet of ways to make your digital voice heard in support of the show. Check it out at:  Together, we can make a difference!


Will Amanda be arrested on the Melrose Place season finale?

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Is Ella (Katie Cassidy) the new queen bee at WPK?

 The season finale of Melrose Place is just days away and YouTube footage from The CW Network reveals that the cat-and-mouse game between Amanda and Ella comes to a head with Amanda (Heather Locklear) firing Ella (Katie Cassidy), and slapping her for good measure. However, preview photos posted to the CW’s website lead me to conclude that Our Miss Simms delivers a potentially lethal blow to Empress Woodward in the episode’s closing moments.  In the photos shown here, Ella arrives at WPK, presumably after Amanda had fired her, dressed in an updated version of Amanda’s classic miniskirt-suit with a rather smug look on her face. She shows a tense Amanda some information on her Blackberry (evidence perhaps?). The tip-off shot looks suspiciously like a victorious Ella standing in Amanda’s office looking on as something happens in the WPK lobby. Might it be Amanda being led away by the cops in handcuffs? In other finale news, look for Drew (Nick Zano) to come up against Michael (Thomas Calabro) about the defect in the dastardly doc’s heart valve, with dire consequences for one of them. David (Shaun Sipos) and Lauren (Stephanie Jacobsen) reconcile, but Morgan (Melissa Ordway), in true “Fatal Attraction” style, will not be ignored. Her revenge puts one of the reunited lovebirds in danger. Sydney (Laura Leighton) makes a welcome return appearance and Jonah (Michael Rady) asks Riley (Jessica Lucas) to take him back (yawn!). Tune in April 13. All Melrose fans with Twitter accounts should tweet as much as possible about the show in the coming days and use the hash tag #SOSMelrosePlace so that Melrose Place trends strongly. We fans need to let the CW Network know we want more Melrose! 

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Ella arrives at WPK for her showdown with Amanda.

Is Amanda (Heather Locklear) getting a sinking feeling?

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