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The ten hottest topics on Melrose Place (so far).

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There are two more episodes of Melrose Place left and before the big finale airs I thought it would be good to review what’s been working for the show. Based on upticks in page views of this blog over the past seven months, I’ve determined which stars and plotlines were hits with the viewers and am sharing the results with my followers as a top-ten list. This is all VERY unscientific and some of it seems pretty obvious (i.e., Ella’s shoes), but hey — it’s fun, so without further ado, I present the ten most popular Melrose-related search topics according to yours truly. Hopefully next year I can do a rundown of season two’s hot subjects.


#10 – Victor Webster as Caleb – The Melrose producers may not have chosen to keep Caleb around when Heather Locklear returned as Amanda, but a post I made back in January suggesting he be brought back STILL is getting hits and is one of the few posts to elicit comments from diehard Melrose fans. A missed opportunity indeed.

#9 – The Melrose Place spread in Entertainment Weekly – Melrose fans really liked the shot of the new cast featured in the Fall TV Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly. My scan of the two-page spread is one of the most popular images that leads people to Melrose Again through image searches.

#8 – TV Guide’s behind-the-scenes tour of Melrose Place – Melrose fans were very eager to have the show return after nearly three long months of reruns, so when TV Guide ran a full page of photos of the cast with commentary from gorgeous Stephanie Jacobsen (Lauren), my scan got a big welcome from Web surfers.


#7 – Is Violet Sydney’s nutcase daughter? – We now know that a biological link was the reason for the eerie similarities between the dearly departed Sydney Andrews and fellow carrot-top troublemaker Violet Foster.

#6 – Josie Bissett’s guest appearance – Jane is anything but plain judging from the hits I still get from people Googling for pictures and information about her portrayer, Josie Bissett. Maybe she should return permanently.

#5 – Melissa Ordway, Melrose’s newest bombshell – She’s only been in two episodes so far, but this sexy blonde has made a big impact with Melrose fans curious about Morgan, the new girl in town.

#4 – Jane and Ella’s fashion statements –  The shot I posted of Jane and Ella  in designer threads is a super popular image on this blog. Most of the searches seem to be about the killer shoes Ella tends to wear.

#3 – Vanessa is revealed as Sydney’s killer on December 8 – The Melrose producers may have thought the murder mystery was too dark for the masses, but my post about the exciting episode that solved the crime is the most popular storyline among Melrose Again visitors so far. I’ve gotten views from as far as Germany.

#2 – Katie! Katie! Katie! – It’s all about Ella, folks. Katie Cassidy is by most accounts the show’s breakout star and page views on this blog zoom whenever she or her character are the subject of a post. Like I said, obvious stuff.


#1 – My theory that Vanessa offed Sydney, posted before the December 8 episode aired, is my most popular entry so far. Although subsequent posts have garnered big view tallies, this item still gets hits from all across the world since Melrose aired later in other countries.

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Amanda accuses Ella of embezzlement on Melrose Place.

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Jane (Josie Bissett) is still out to get Ella (Katie Cassidy).

Blinded by the Blondes

March 30:  Jonah (Michael Rady) plans a big party in the Melrose courtyard to celebrate the sale of his script. Little does he realize his shindig will be the site where some long-simmering secrets will come to a boil. David (Shaun Sipos) is still trying to find out why Lauren (Stephanie Jacobsen) dumped him, but she’s not confiding in anyone, not even Ella. Michael (Thomas Calabro) makes things worse for Lauren by pressuring her into making good on their aborted “date.” In what has to be the blondest episode of Melrose to date, several original Melrose Place residents make return visits. Guest Blonde Jane Andrews (Josie Bissett), still steaming over Resident Blonde Ella’s switcheroo of her designer gown on a movie star at a movie premiere in the fall, demands to know why Bitchy Blonde Amanda has yet to fire her from WPK. Amanda (Heather Locklear) assures her that Ella will soon get her comeuppance. At Coal, David is preparing to cater Jonah’s party when New Blonde Morgan (Melissa Ordway) surprises him with a watch she stole from her mobster dad. When David tries to squirm out of her eager come-ons, she tightens the collar around his neck by threatening to tell her scary pop about David’s theft of her mom’s diamond ring. The girl gives new meaning to the term demanding. Drew (Nick Zano) convinces Riley (Jessica Lucas) to help him shop for toys for the pediatric patients at the hospital and charms her slowly but surely. Jonah’s not sure he likes what’s developing between the two.

Amanda and Michael's schemes caused havoc for the Melrosers.

“Punch Drunk”

At WPK, Ella (Katie Cassidy) notices that some billing figures on her accounts aren’t adding up correctly and starts checking up on her projects. Dropping in on Jo Reynolds (Daphne Zuniga) during a photo shoot for W Magazine, she learns that a check to Jo was overstated by ten times in the WPK books! Is someone framing Ella for embezzlement? Speaking of Amanda (wink, wink), the Empress of WPK tries a new tack in tracking down the artwork that may dig her out of the money hole she’s in. Hoping to loosen lips among the Melrosers, she generously tips the bartender at Jonah’s party to give the guests especially potent drinks while she pumps them for information one by one. Her plan works better than expected as Melrosers past and present overindulge in bad behavior. Jonah challenges Drew to a game of beer pong and the inebriated duo end up duking it out over Riley in the Melrose pool (where else?). A reunion of original residents Jo, Jane, Michael and Amanda is a tepid affair. “Let’s do it again in ten years,” says Amanda. Let’s not. At least Jane is smart enough to reject a horny Michael, who stalks Lauren so relentlessly that she breaks down and confesses her hooking career to her neighbors. David is aghast.  Ella, meanwhile, confides in Amanda that she thinks there’s an embezzler at WPK and later overhears Jo confronting Amanda about being the culprit. Amanda interrupts Morgan’s latest mauling of David to pump him for more information about Sydney’s missing art and he gives her a new lead: Syd gave one of her pieces (among other things) to Auggie. The next morning, Lauren confesses her love to an unresponsive David while Drew sneaks into the hospital morgue to slice into a rather handsome cadaver (this is the CW Network, after all). Organ harvesting, anyone? Amanda summons Ella to WPK and lowers the boom on her by accusing her of embezzlement. Ella had better think of something quick, because, as Amanda puts it, “You, my dear, do not have the curves to pull off a prison jumpsuit.”

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CW Network site previews the March 30 Melrose Place reunion.

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Are Jo, Michael and Jane anticipating a bitchy welcome from Amanda? Is the Pope Catholic?

Fans of the original Melrose Place will finally get what they’ve been waiting for on the March 30 episode — a reunion of Melrosers Josie Bissett (Jane), Daphne Zuniga (Jo), Thomas Calabro (Michael) and Heather Locklear (Amanda).  From the looks of the photo The CW Network posted to its website and the Melrose Facebook page, the reunion is going to be a happy one. The veterans will probably share a laugh over the dramas of the newbies and will reminisce about the good old days. Were the ’90s really that long ago? Josie strikes me as the most well preserved among the ladies, but then I think she’s one of the younger cast members from the original crew. Ella (Katie  Cassidy) and Lauren (Stephanie Jacobsen) look dressed to kill while Drew (Nick Zano) and Riley (Jessica Lucas) cozy up in the Melrose pool. Does Drew own any shirts, anyway? For more preview pics, visit the CW’s Melrose site here.

Ella's knockout fashion sense is as experimental as ever.

It looks like Riley chose Drew over Ben.

Is Lauren heading to her latest "date"?

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New YouTube video pays tribute to Melrose Place’s “Bad Romances.”

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Melrose Place has only four episodes left to prove itself worthy of renewal for another season so fans need to rise up and be counted! I’m doing my best to put Melrose out into the blogosphere and encourage fans to post pictures on Facebook and watch the fun YouTube tribute videos. Melrose fans may not yet be as numerous as American Idol followers, but we’re certainly creative. As it happens, I’m trying to go viral and spread the Melrose love with my own tribute video on YouTube focusing on those romantic entanglements of our favorite Melrosers. Ella fans should be pleased. Plenty of fashion shots to ogle. LOL. With apologies to Lady Gaga, it’s called Melrose Place’s Bad Romances and can be seen here.

YouTube images copyright 2009 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

TV Guide goes behind the scenes with Stephanie Jacobsen on Melrose Place’s new episodes.

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TV Guide is usually pretty upbeat in its coverage of Melrose Place, but next week’s issue has a behind-the-scenes photo feature with commentary from cast member Stephanie Jacobsen (Lauren) that leads one to think the mood on the set was bittersweet during filming of the season’s final six episodes. The episodes, which begin their run March 9, include a reunion of original Melrosers Jo (Daphne Zuniga) and Jane (Josie Bissett) with the ever-rascally Michael (Thomas Calabro). I’m sure Amanda will come on the scene to offer a bitchy remark or two for old times’ sake. Let’s just hope there will be more Melrose alumni reunions to come next season. Meanwhile, here’s a scan of the article with shots of Melrose faves old and new. It’s on page 16.

YouTube video previews romantic twists for Melrose Place in March.

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With less than two weeks to go before Melrose Place returns with fresh episodes, the CW Network is loading up its YouTube channel with teaser videos to highlight the show’s new tone. Aiming for a lighter mood, one video focuses on the romantic entanglements awaiting the characters as new faces arrive on the scene. While David and Lauren continue their budding romance it looks like Riley will try to win Jonah back from Ella (boring!) but may be distracted by new resident hunk Dr. Drew, played by Nick Zano (marginally less boring). Don’t expect Ella to stand by while Riley reclaims Jonah. Our Miss Simms whips out the sexy lingerie and fights for her guy (with a curly new ‘do, no less!). A newly widowed Michael tries to rekindle the dysfunctional flame with ex-wife Jane while Amanda gets a dose of grown-up canoodling with actor Billy Campbell, who co-starred with Sela Ward in the 1999-2002 series Once and Again. Let’s hope Ella isn’t into older guys, for her sake. Check out more Melrose teasers at YouTube here.

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Jane gives the cops incriminating evidence against Ella on Melrose Place.

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Blonde Ambition: Jane blackmailed Ella for a red carpet moment that didn't happen.

Blonde Ambition: Jane blackmailed Ella for a red carpet moment that didn't happen.

Movie Madness

It’s said that Los Angeles is a one-industry town. Last night’s episode of Melrose Place dramatized this theory by interweaving everyone’s storylines around the big premiere of a romantic comedy. Ella (Katie Cassidy) of course handled PR for the film’s female star. Jonah was the screenwriter’s college buddy. Auggie’s restaurant hosted the premiere’s after party and David, looking for a way to earn an honest buck (for a change), nabbed a gig at Coal working the party. The big premiere became a game of one-upmanship when Sydney’s formerly sweet sister Jane (Josie Bissett) showed up, introduced herself as the complex’s new owner and wasted no time in demanding that Ella outfit her star client for the red carpet in one of Jane’s designs in exchange for Jane’s silence about some incriminating emails Syd sent her about Ella just before her death. At first Ella caves to Jane’s threats, but ends up giving her one-shouldered horror the heave-ho for another dress. Luckily for Ella, David (Shaun Sipos) dug up some equally damning dirt on Jane and the suspicious fire that decimated her boutique. Unluckily for Ella, however, Jane’s thirst for revenge proved stronger than David’s threats and she snitched to the cops about Syd’s emails after all. Ella has some explaining to do! Violet, meanwhile, admitted she swiped cash from her adoptive parents back in Oregon when she ditched them for L.A. Playing for sympathy, she hinted she had been molested. Riley was sympathetic. Jonah wasn’t buying it and he’s got bail money riding on Violet’s dependability to boot. 

Lauren learned that being a call girl can be risky business.

Lauren learned that being a call girl can be risky business.

Working Girls

Lauren, the only Melroser without a stake in the big movie premiere, had a very bad night. Waiting for her bespectacled regular customer at a swanky hotel, she gets hit on by a seemingly cleancut guy. When her john gets stuck in Chicago, a frustrated Lauren (Stephanie Jacobsen) accepts the guy’s offer for a freelance gig, only to get ripped off when he refuses to pay for services rendered, roughing her up in the process. Her bad night takes a turn for the worse when the hotel security guard nearly arrests her for prostitution. A sexy blonde (played by Nip/Tuck’s Kelly Carlson) intervenes, rescuing Lauren with some friendly advice to not infringe on her “territory.” The next day a bruised Lauren realizes she needs the safety of professional representation and calls the woman up to discuss career opportunities. I wonder if a benefits package is included.
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