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Josie Bissett returns to Melrose Place as Sydney’s sister Jane

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Jane in TV GuideTV Guide has a great shot of Josie Bissett, who returns to Melrose Place next week as a tougher version of Sydney’s sister (and Michael’s ex-wife) Jane. The 38-year-old blonde, who’s looking hot as ever, reminisces about her years on the original Melrose and shares tidbits about her storyline in the September 29 episode. Seems Jane is going to come up against Ella and David. She has some incriminating information about Ella that Syd sent her just before her murder, but David has his own dirt on the newly devious designer. I guess this means Ella won’t be publicizing Jane’s fashions anytime soon. Josie is set for another guest shot in the future, but the  TV Guide article doesn’t indicate that Jane will get any reunion scenes with Michael in this coming episode. What a shame! I guess we’ll have to wait for her return engagement. In the meantime, here’s a blast from the past from YouTube showing the warm and cuddly relationship Jane and Syd shared back in the good old days. Will Jane be making another splash this week? Tune in Melrosers!

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