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Ben dumps Amanda (Heather Lockear) on Melrose Place.

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Riley has made a dangerous enemy in Amanda.

Breaking Up Isn’t So Hard to Do

March 23: Love is in full bloom at Melrose Place as Jonah (Michael Rady) surprises Ella (Katie Cassidy) with a home-cooked meal, David shows up unannounced at the hospital with burgers and fries for Lauren, and Ben (Billy Campbell) puts the moves on Riley during a business trip to Washington D.C. Their kiss makes Riley guilty. Ben, however, makes a beeline for Amanda’s apartment to break up with her. Smelling a rat, Amanda (Heather Locklear) puts a tail on him and fumes when she gets photos of Riley and Ben kissing merely hours after he dumped her designer-clad butt. When Amanda confronts Riley (Jessica Lucas) with the photos, she’s justifiably mortified. Watch your back, Riley!  David (Shaun Sipos) is determined to turn over a new leaf by buying Coal but is short several million dollars of the seller’s asking price. He cases out a diamond ring that he figures will make up for his shortfall. His newest caper comes as a welcome diversion after Lauren (Stephanie Jacobsen) breaks up with him, giving in to Michael’s blackmail. After Lauren seemingly exits his life, David starts getting attention from L.A.’s blonde bombshells. Amanda, still searching for Sydney’s priceless painting, shows up at his place to return mail mistakenly delivered to her apartment and notices his impressive collection with one piece catching her eye in particular. When Amanda’s henchman later swaps the painting for a copy, she uses paint thinner to uncover what’s underneath but comes up empty… again. David gets caught breaking into the mansion to steal the priceless diamond by a gorgeous, and eager, blonde named Morgan (Melissa Ordway). Although he tries to bluff his way out of his predicament, the wily hottie opts to let him leave with the ring, putting him in her debt. After David informs his Melrose neighbors that he’s bought Coal, he gets home to find Morgan waiting to call in her sexy IOU. Blackmail never felt so good!

The Melrose men played a game of beefcake basketball.

Drew Pragin: Relationship Expert

Melrose’s newest resident Drew Pragin (Nick Zano) quickly makes his presence felt in all quarters. He joins David and Jonah in the Melrose pool for a game of shirtless water basketball (!!!). He annoys Lauren with his frat-boy pranks at the hospital, but later joins forces with Riley to bring her out of her post-breakup depression. The multitalented Drew also shows up playing in a band entertaining the guests at a birthday party for a dog thrown by one of Jonah’s industry friends. When Ella balks at Jonah’s public displays of affection and possessiveness while they network at the party, Drew advises him to accept her as the unconventional girlfriend who may be better for him than safe, predictable Riley. Drew has an agenda of his own, of course, when it comes to Riley and his interest in her will lead to a scuffle between him and Jonah in next week’s episode. Stay tuned, Melrosers.

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New YouTube video pays tribute to Melrose Place’s “Bad Romances.”

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Melrose Place has only four episodes left to prove itself worthy of renewal for another season so fans need to rise up and be counted! I’m doing my best to put Melrose out into the blogosphere and encourage fans to post pictures on Facebook and watch the fun YouTube tribute videos. Melrose fans may not yet be as numerous as American Idol followers, but we’re certainly creative. As it happens, I’m trying to go viral and spread the Melrose love with my own tribute video on YouTube focusing on those romantic entanglements of our favorite Melrosers. Ella fans should be pleased. Plenty of fashion shots to ogle. LOL. With apologies to Lady Gaga, it’s called Melrose Place’s Bad Romances and can be seen here.

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Michael discovers that Lauren is a call girl on Melrose Place!

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Will a broke Amanda marry Ben's millions before Riley steals him away?

The Vulture in Versace

March 16: Jonah parties hard with Ella, David and Lauren to celebrate selling his movie script. Despite all of Ella’s help in making his dream come true, a sloshed Jonah still doubts that she can compare morally with goody-goody Riley. Ella (Katie Cassidy) is too busy turning Jonah (Michael Rady) into a star to notice this slight, placing the news of his movie deal in the top showbiz trade publications. As usual, the Melrose writers are very thorough scripting Ella’s industry scenes, even having her mention the fearsome Hollywood blogger Nikki Finke as she shares the good news with her holier-than-thou crush. Ella fans shake their collective heads as our golden girl even nabs Jonah’s dream actor, Owen Anderson, for the role based on him. He’s got a lot of nerve judging her! When Owen insists on meeting the woman who inspired the female lead in the script, Ella doesn’t hesitate to ask Riley (Jessica Lucas) to put her hurt feelings aside to meet with the method actor and support Jonah’s career. Riley plays along at first, but her anger gets the best of her and she tells Owen that she and Jonah are splitsville, referring to Ella as the Versace-clad vulture responsible for the split. Owen loses interest in the role. Ella and Riley have it out over Jonah and Riley’s bitter words cut Ella deeply. When a humbled Ella encourages Jonah to reconcile with Riley, Jonah finally gets a clue and realizes he’s been selling Miss Simms short. He wisely stays put and resumes his passionate new relationship with the pretty publicist.


Can Drew make Riley forget Jonah?

Father’s Day

Riley may have her choice of men now. Hunky Dr. Drew Pragin (Nick Zano) flirts with her after moving into Auggie’s pad and starting his new job working with Lauren and Michael. Amanda’s beau Ben (Billy Campbell) takes a liking to Riley, too, and agrees to fund her proposed inner-city boarding school project through his education foundation, much to Amanda’s dismay. She has reason to be concerned. Previews for next week’s episode indicate Ben will seek fringe benefits with the seemingly irresistible Riley. Amanda (Heather Locklear) also has big money worries (as I suspected). She’s in the hole for $15 million and is endangering WPK in her efforts to stay afloat while searching for the missing artwork. All the stress is giving her anxiety attacks that have her running to Michael, who helps her out with a prescription for anti-stress medication (holy middle age!). Michael isn’t having a very good day either. His mounting guilt over his role in the deaths of Sydney and Vanessa make him reckless at the hospital, which almost kills a patient before Lauren intervenes. Later, David (Shaun Sipos) visits him with the news that Vanessa left him a letter revealing that Noah is actually David’s son from a fling they had prior to her meeting Michael. The men’s confrontation ends in their coming to blows. When the Melrosers convene in the courtyard to welcome new neighbor Drew, Lauren (Stephanie Jacobsen) is called away by madam Wendy (Kelly Carlson) to do one last hooking job. When Lauren shows up in a sausage dress for her appointment, her two careers finally collide as her john turns out to be Michael! He promptly blackmails her into breaking up with David to make him suffer for ruining his dad’s life. How will she worm her way out of this one?

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Auggie and Violet leave Melrose Place!

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Is Ben (Billy Campbell) a lover or a cheater?

“One thing led to another”

March 9: Melrose Place has FINALLY returned, picking up where things left off before the holidays. As Riley (Jessica Lucas) tosses and turns in her empty bed, Jonah (Michael Rady) luxuriates with a glowing Ella (Katie Cassidy) about the previous night’s activities, which apparently included an encore! When Ella presses for Jonah to fess up to Riley, he gets cold feet. She’s not pleased. Luckily Ella can distract herself planning a welcome back to Los Angeles party being thrown by Amanda for… herself. Empress Woodward has more than one reason to want the party to go off without a hitch. She expects her new beau, software magnate and philanthropist Ben Brinkley (Billy Campbell) to pop the question in front of L.A. society and the Melrose residents, whom Amanda insists attend to Ella’s surprise. Amanda (Heather Locklear) is still looking for the artwork Sydney misplaced and she’s convinced the clue to its whereabouts lies at the complex. Must be some piece of art! Jonah crashes at David’s pad and tells his bud about his night with Ella. Take it to your grave, counsels David (Shaun Sipos), who tracks down the john who slipped Lauren a mickey and pounds him to within an inch of his life. When Lauren (Stephanie Jacobsen) sees the sleaze ball at the hospital, she aggravates his wounds after he threatens to press charges against David. Lauren and David celebrate with a dreamy love scene showing off their fat-free bods. But is this really the end of the sleaze ball with the nice pecs? Stay tuned.

Auggie (Colin Egglesfield) will be missed.

Violet Gets Her Man
Ella gives Auggie (Colin Egglesfield) the job of cooking for Amanda’s bash to make up for doubting his innocence in Syd’s murder. Spotting a bottle of booze, she warns him to stay sober. “Don’t test me,” she says. “Half my clients are in rehab.” Violet (Ashlee Simpson-Wentz), who spotted Auggie putting the moves on Riley, thinks they should both leave Los Angeles and start new lives. Upon learning of Riley’s breakup with Jonah, Violet drags her to the party where a guilt-ridden Jonah confesses about bedding Ella. Riley is devastated. Ella, meanwhile, avoids disaster when Ben doesn’t tell Amanda about the choice zingers Miss Simms shared about her with Auggie within his earshot. Ben, who has excellent taste in jewelry and designer shoes, flirts playfully with Ella, which is spotted by Amanda. When Ella reassures her bitchy boss that nothing was going on, Ms. Woodward puts her in her place by cruelly cutting her down to size. Ben’s gift to Amanda, a Bentley, leaves her cold since she was expecting an engagement ring, but she covers. Should she worry about Ben and Ella? As night falls, Jonah, Riley and Ella are alone and crying in their respective corners while Violet and Auggie realize that it’s time to leave Melrose Place. Violet packs up her belongings, including a photo of Sydney, and the Augster leaves a farewell note for Riley. The two hop a motorcycle out of town.

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New CW Network photos preview Melrose Place’s March 9 episode!

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I was checking out the CW Network’s web site for updates on Melrose and saw that they uploaded lots of new stills, with the majority focusing on Amanda’s new romance with Ben, a bearded hunk played by actor Billy Campbell (Talk about an appropriate name! Maybe Andrew Shue should change his mind about reprising his original Melrose role just to see the fictional Billy Campbell and the real one in the same scene). Billy and Heather look great together. He’s tall, dark and dashing next to her eternal California blondeness. He looks good with Katie Cassidy as Ella, too. Do I smell a love triangle? Catch the March 9 episode and find out. In the meantime, visit the CW web site here to see more great stills from the show!

Amanda and Ben make a chic and sexy couple in black.

It looks like Ben definitely has a thing for sexy blondes.

The departing Violet and Auggie don't look happy. Did they get their eviction notice?

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YouTube video previews romantic twists for Melrose Place in March.

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With less than two weeks to go before Melrose Place returns with fresh episodes, the CW Network is loading up its YouTube channel with teaser videos to highlight the show’s new tone. Aiming for a lighter mood, one video focuses on the romantic entanglements awaiting the characters as new faces arrive on the scene. While David and Lauren continue their budding romance it looks like Riley will try to win Jonah back from Ella (boring!) but may be distracted by new resident hunk Dr. Drew, played by Nick Zano (marginally less boring). Don’t expect Ella to stand by while Riley reclaims Jonah. Our Miss Simms whips out the sexy lingerie and fights for her guy (with a curly new ‘do, no less!). A newly widowed Michael tries to rekindle the dysfunctional flame with ex-wife Jane while Amanda gets a dose of grown-up canoodling with actor Billy Campbell, who co-starred with Sela Ward in the 1999-2002 series Once and Again. Let’s hope Ella isn’t into older guys, for her sake. Check out more Melrose teasers at YouTube here.

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TV reports that Violet and Auggie will depart Melrose Place in January.

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Will Violet drive off a cliff with Auggie when they depart Melrose Place?

Will Violet drive off a cliff with Auggie when they depart Melrose Place?

TV broke the news that Melrose Place will see the departure of Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and Colin Egglesfield in January. This news is a mixed bag depending on how you look at it. Ashlee definitely was a polarizing presence on the show. Her less than stellar acting sparked much online grousing and the fact she was playing a clearly disturbed character didn’t help matters. I attribute the controversy to her monotone line readings, seemingly delivered flatly to convey an underlying case of the crazypants. She has her fans, to be sure, but her detractors are louder. Guys like her painted-on clothes and bad-girl pout while her female supporters relate to her quirky girl vibe. You know what I mean. She’s kind of pretty, but not quite the belle of the ball. This actually works in her favor and makes her seem accessible. Still, it looks like Violet’s storyline will come to a close after the holidays and Auggie may be collateral damage in the process. So far, Colin Egglesfield has been underused in the role. He has a fan base from the daytime soap “All My Children,” and online chatter indicates he’s a heartthrob in the making. Like Jake (Grant Show) on the original Melrose, Auggie is a regular hunk who has yet to reveal all his layers. I think Melrose producers need to give him more shirtless scenes and pair him with Amanda Woodward when Heather Locklear arrives in November. It is the year of the TV cougar after all and it would be a waste of a perfectly good hunk to kill him off as part of Violet’s send off. TV Guide’s good news is that Billy Campbell has been cast as Amanda’s love interest and, in the best news by far, Heather is slated to appear on all the remaining Melrose episodes of the season. Let the games begin!

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