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The CW Network has canceled Melrose Place.

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Farewell to the gang at Melrose Place.

I really didn’t want to believe the rumors since they’ve been dogging us fans for so long, but I’m sad to say that Melrose Place has been canceled according to a media columnist at The New York Times. The CW is staging the official presentation of its fall lineup tomorrow, but some media outlets have already received the schedule. I was holding out hope for renewal, but if the news is reported in the Times, it’s safe to say it’s true. The CW is pretty niche-targeted but apparently the ratings never reached the mass numbers needed to justify the expense of producing the show. To the producers’ credit, the show never looked cheap and, for viewers with an appetite for over-the-top melodrama, the revamp delivered. Some moves were off-the-mark from the start, like casting Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, and I still believe they would have attracted more eyeballs had they done some stunt casting with high-profile names from the worlds of reality shows and music. I could have pictured Lady Gaga or Kim Kardashian having fun with Katie Cassidy’s uberpublicist Ella Simms, even in cameo appearances. Bringing Heather Locklear back was a smart move, but her storyline was a snooze. If nothing else, the show will be credited for showcasing the talents of the charismatic Katie Cassidy. Her unexpectedly nuanced portrayal of a potentially one-note character like Ella revealed that there’s much more to her than a bright smile and mile-long legs. I’m sure we can expect to see more of her in the near future. On a personal note, I want to thank everyone who checked in with the Melrose Again blog to keep up with my episode recaps and musings about the Melrosers. It has been a blast and I hope you enjoyed it as much I have.  Not that I’m giving up blogging, mind you. I recently revived my True Blood blog  Check it out if you’re a fan of Sookie & Co.  Have a great summer!


The ten hottest topics on Melrose Place (so far).

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There are two more episodes of Melrose Place left and before the big finale airs I thought it would be good to review what’s been working for the show. Based on upticks in page views of this blog over the past seven months, I’ve determined which stars and plotlines were hits with the viewers and am sharing the results with my followers as a top-ten list. This is all VERY unscientific and some of it seems pretty obvious (i.e., Ella’s shoes), but hey — it’s fun, so without further ado, I present the ten most popular Melrose-related search topics according to yours truly. Hopefully next year I can do a rundown of season two’s hot subjects.


#10 – Victor Webster as Caleb – The Melrose producers may not have chosen to keep Caleb around when Heather Locklear returned as Amanda, but a post I made back in January suggesting he be brought back STILL is getting hits and is one of the few posts to elicit comments from diehard Melrose fans. A missed opportunity indeed.

#9 – The Melrose Place spread in Entertainment Weekly – Melrose fans really liked the shot of the new cast featured in the Fall TV Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly. My scan of the two-page spread is one of the most popular images that leads people to Melrose Again through image searches.

#8 – TV Guide’s behind-the-scenes tour of Melrose Place – Melrose fans were very eager to have the show return after nearly three long months of reruns, so when TV Guide ran a full page of photos of the cast with commentary from gorgeous Stephanie Jacobsen (Lauren), my scan got a big welcome from Web surfers.


#7 – Is Violet Sydney’s nutcase daughter? – We now know that a biological link was the reason for the eerie similarities between the dearly departed Sydney Andrews and fellow carrot-top troublemaker Violet Foster.

#6 – Josie Bissett’s guest appearance – Jane is anything but plain judging from the hits I still get from people Googling for pictures and information about her portrayer, Josie Bissett. Maybe she should return permanently.

#5 – Melissa Ordway, Melrose’s newest bombshell – She’s only been in two episodes so far, but this sexy blonde has made a big impact with Melrose fans curious about Morgan, the new girl in town.

#4 – Jane and Ella’s fashion statements –  The shot I posted of Jane and Ella  in designer threads is a super popular image on this blog. Most of the searches seem to be about the killer shoes Ella tends to wear.

#3 – Vanessa is revealed as Sydney’s killer on December 8 – The Melrose producers may have thought the murder mystery was too dark for the masses, but my post about the exciting episode that solved the crime is the most popular storyline among Melrose Again visitors so far. I’ve gotten views from as far as Germany.

#2 – Katie! Katie! Katie! – It’s all about Ella, folks. Katie Cassidy is by most accounts the show’s breakout star and page views on this blog zoom whenever she or her character are the subject of a post. Like I said, obvious stuff.


#1 – My theory that Vanessa offed Sydney, posted before the December 8 episode aired, is my most popular entry so far. Although subsequent posts have garnered big view tallies, this item still gets hits from all across the world since Melrose aired later in other countries.

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New YouTube video pays tribute to Melrose Place’s “Bad Romances.”

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Melrose Place has only four episodes left to prove itself worthy of renewal for another season so fans need to rise up and be counted! I’m doing my best to put Melrose out into the blogosphere and encourage fans to post pictures on Facebook and watch the fun YouTube tribute videos. Melrose fans may not yet be as numerous as American Idol followers, but we’re certainly creative. As it happens, I’m trying to go viral and spread the Melrose love with my own tribute video on YouTube focusing on those romantic entanglements of our favorite Melrosers. Ella fans should be pleased. Plenty of fashion shots to ogle. LOL. With apologies to Lady Gaga, it’s called Melrose Place’s Bad Romances and can be seen here.

YouTube images copyright 2009 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Auggie and Violet leave Melrose Place!

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Is Ben (Billy Campbell) a lover or a cheater?

“One thing led to another”

March 9: Melrose Place has FINALLY returned, picking up where things left off before the holidays. As Riley (Jessica Lucas) tosses and turns in her empty bed, Jonah (Michael Rady) luxuriates with a glowing Ella (Katie Cassidy) about the previous night’s activities, which apparently included an encore! When Ella presses for Jonah to fess up to Riley, he gets cold feet. She’s not pleased. Luckily Ella can distract herself planning a welcome back to Los Angeles party being thrown by Amanda for… herself. Empress Woodward has more than one reason to want the party to go off without a hitch. She expects her new beau, software magnate and philanthropist Ben Brinkley (Billy Campbell) to pop the question in front of L.A. society and the Melrose residents, whom Amanda insists attend to Ella’s surprise. Amanda (Heather Locklear) is still looking for the artwork Sydney misplaced and she’s convinced the clue to its whereabouts lies at the complex. Must be some piece of art! Jonah crashes at David’s pad and tells his bud about his night with Ella. Take it to your grave, counsels David (Shaun Sipos), who tracks down the john who slipped Lauren a mickey and pounds him to within an inch of his life. When Lauren (Stephanie Jacobsen) sees the sleaze ball at the hospital, she aggravates his wounds after he threatens to press charges against David. Lauren and David celebrate with a dreamy love scene showing off their fat-free bods. But is this really the end of the sleaze ball with the nice pecs? Stay tuned.

Auggie (Colin Egglesfield) will be missed.

Violet Gets Her Man
Ella gives Auggie (Colin Egglesfield) the job of cooking for Amanda’s bash to make up for doubting his innocence in Syd’s murder. Spotting a bottle of booze, she warns him to stay sober. “Don’t test me,” she says. “Half my clients are in rehab.” Violet (Ashlee Simpson-Wentz), who spotted Auggie putting the moves on Riley, thinks they should both leave Los Angeles and start new lives. Upon learning of Riley’s breakup with Jonah, Violet drags her to the party where a guilt-ridden Jonah confesses about bedding Ella. Riley is devastated. Ella, meanwhile, avoids disaster when Ben doesn’t tell Amanda about the choice zingers Miss Simms shared about her with Auggie within his earshot. Ben, who has excellent taste in jewelry and designer shoes, flirts playfully with Ella, which is spotted by Amanda. When Ella reassures her bitchy boss that nothing was going on, Ms. Woodward puts her in her place by cruelly cutting her down to size. Ben’s gift to Amanda, a Bentley, leaves her cold since she was expecting an engagement ring, but she covers. Should she worry about Ben and Ella? As night falls, Jonah, Riley and Ella are alone and crying in their respective corners while Violet and Auggie realize that it’s time to leave Melrose Place. Violet packs up her belongings, including a photo of Sydney, and the Augster leaves a farewell note for Riley. The two hop a motorcycle out of town.

Photos copyright 2009 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Melissa Ordway is Melrose Place’s newest blonde bombshell.

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When I heard that Nick Zano would be joining the Melrose Place cast as a doctor working with Lauren (Stephanie Jacobsen), I naturally thought they’d get involved, forming a love triangle with David (Shaun Sipos). Recent video teasers from The CW Network, however, revealed that Nick is being matched up with Riley (Jessica Lucas) and Lauren actually has to worry about David straying with a hot blonde played by newcomer Melissa Ordway, who previously appeared on the CW’s “Privileged.” I noticed Melissa in the YouTube teasers and am guessing she’s taking over the sexpot role vacated by Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. If you, like me, wondered “Who’s that girl?” when you saw the teasers, check out her interview on the web site Girl2Watch, which reveals how her character figures in David’s storyline. Looks like it’s gonna be a classic case of blonde vs. brunette for the love of Melrose’s favorite thief.

YouTube image copyright 2009 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

TV Guide goes behind the scenes with Stephanie Jacobsen on Melrose Place’s new episodes.

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TV Guide is usually pretty upbeat in its coverage of Melrose Place, but next week’s issue has a behind-the-scenes photo feature with commentary from cast member Stephanie Jacobsen (Lauren) that leads one to think the mood on the set was bittersweet during filming of the season’s final six episodes. The episodes, which begin their run March 9, include a reunion of original Melrosers Jo (Daphne Zuniga) and Jane (Josie Bissett) with the ever-rascally Michael (Thomas Calabro). I’m sure Amanda will come on the scene to offer a bitchy remark or two for old times’ sake. Let’s just hope there will be more Melrose alumni reunions to come next season. Meanwhile, here’s a scan of the article with shots of Melrose faves old and new. It’s on page 16.

New CW Network photos preview Melrose Place’s March 9 episode!

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I was checking out the CW Network’s web site for updates on Melrose and saw that they uploaded lots of new stills, with the majority focusing on Amanda’s new romance with Ben, a bearded hunk played by actor Billy Campbell (Talk about an appropriate name! Maybe Andrew Shue should change his mind about reprising his original Melrose role just to see the fictional Billy Campbell and the real one in the same scene). Billy and Heather look great together. He’s tall, dark and dashing next to her eternal California blondeness. He looks good with Katie Cassidy as Ella, too. Do I smell a love triangle? Catch the March 9 episode and find out. In the meantime, visit the CW web site here to see more great stills from the show!

Amanda and Ben make a chic and sexy couple in black.

It looks like Ben definitely has a thing for sexy blondes.

The departing Violet and Auggie don't look happy. Did they get their eviction notice?

Photos copyright 2009 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

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