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New CW Network photos preview Melrose Place’s March 9 episode!

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I was checking out the CW Network’s web site for updates on Melrose and saw that they uploaded lots of new stills, with the majority focusing on Amanda’s new romance with Ben, a bearded hunk played by actor Billy Campbell (Talk about an appropriate name! Maybe Andrew Shue should change his mind about reprising his original Melrose role just to see the fictional Billy Campbell and the real one in the same scene). Billy and Heather look great together. He’s tall, dark and dashing next to her eternal California blondeness. He looks good with Katie Cassidy as Ella, too. Do I smell a love triangle? Catch the March 9 episode and find out. In the meantime, visit the CW web site here to see more great stills from the show!

Amanda and Ben make a chic and sexy couple in black.

It looks like Ben definitely has a thing for sexy blondes.

The departing Violet and Auggie don't look happy. Did they get their eviction notice?

Photos copyright 2009 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.


Is Violet Sydney’s nutcase daughter on Melrose Place?

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Ella has her eye on more than Jonah's career.

Ella has her eye on more than Jonah's career.

Agent Provocateur

That Ella is some kind of publicist. She really shone in this week’s episode, sending bad vibes to Jonah and Riley’s engagement and bluffing her way into winning a major new PR client. Katie Cassidy is really good in this role and her lines are hysterical. I wonder how Josh Hartnett felt about her dig at him when she was pitching the British actor at the party? Let’s hope her new boss Caleb stays around for a while. The twist of him wanting to come to an “oral agreement” with the actor after Ella had refused to, um, “go there,” was priceless.  Caleb is played by the superhot Victor Webster, who sci-fi TV fans may remember from the syndicated show Mutant X. His character threw lightning bolts. He certainly jolted me! For fans of the original Melrose, the scenes where Jonah and Riley argue are eerily similar to those between Billy (Andrew Shue) and Allison (Courtney Thorne-Smith) when Amanda (Heather Locklear) first came on the scene to cause trouble between them. This could mean that they’re destined to be Melrose’s most boring couple. Hopefully there’s truth to the rumors I’ve heard that Riley is gonna loosen up and have a fling with Auggie.

Like Mother, Like Daughter?

Auggie, meanwhile, has his hands full grieving over Sydney’s death, although we don’t know whether it’s because he misses his former AA mentor-with-benefits or he’s remorseful for having killed her. While dodging the cops’ investigation into Syd’s murder, he seems pretty genuine in his desire to help out Violet, who may be her long-lost daughter. Violet’s much-anticipated reunion with her mom didn’t pan out quite like she had hoped and she got a bit Fatal Attraction on Syd, which makes me think she’s telling the truth because it was a reaction I would totally expect of Sydney herself. Auggie may have a cloud of death hovering over him what with the fatal stabbing of his girlfriend during his fight with another patron at a club, but we might need to worry more for his well-being if Violet, who nabbed a hostess job at Coal thanks to a sexy “Queer Eye” makeover courtesy of Ella, is stalking him. That last scene where she dives into the pool again showcased her creepy smile. Something’s rotten with that redhead!

Photo: Copyright 2009 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

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