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Is Sydney back from the dead (again) on Melrose Place?

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Does Sydney Andrews, played by the adorable Laura Leighton, have nine lives? Everyone who saw the previews of next week’s season finale surely noticed that Sydney has a scene, which presumably will be another flashback. Since the April 13 episode will bring the missing artwork storyline to a boiling point at the WPK offices, it stands to reason that Syd pops up in Amanda’s memory (or Ella’s) to shed light on where the damned piece of art was. Judging from the shot I found on the CW’s website, Syd’s looking very smug, like she’s rubbing salt in someone’s wounds. Maybe she appears to Amanda as a ghost to get in some digs about how Ella outsmarted her. Call me crazy, but I started thinking maybe the Melrose writers might throw us a zinger and reveal that Ms. Andrews is still alive. Hey, they already did it once to kick off the new show, so although it seems unlikely, I wouldn’t put it past them. Another reason this idea is buzzing in my head is because next week’s TV Guide is downplaying the season finale while ABC’s Ugly Betty, which is definitely signing off, got a full-page article. Now this could be good news, meaning not even TV Guide knows whether the show is gonna get axed or not. Maybe, just maaaybe, the CW is still contemplating renewing it (I hope! I hope! I hope!).  On page 40, the Highlights section of TV Guide says: “At press time, it was still the ‘season’ finale, but that could change. Just like Sydney’s death status!”   Was that a subtle hint? Maybe I’m overthinking it because I love Sydney. I always have. I guess we’ll find out next Tuesday. At least we know she’s gonna be wearing some killer shoes. Eat your heart out, Ella! 

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