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Ella will turn the tables on Amanda on Melrose Place’s season finale.

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Next Tuesday, Amanda Woodward (Heather Locklear) finally finds the $19 million painting she’s been searching for since she returned to Melrose Place in November. The problem is that Ella (Katie Cassidy), her newly sworn enemy, has it, and boy is she making good use of it! In the new clip on the CW’s YouTube channel, Our Miss Simms confronts Empress Woodward with her ill-gotten goods and has every intention of returning it to her former boss… right after she gets cleared of Amanda’s embezzlement charges AND receives a generous severance package that will set her up in her own PR firm. Will Amanda cave to her protégée’s demands? It looks like the student has learned well at the feet of the master. Tune in April 13 for the season finale!


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