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CW Network site previews the March 30 Melrose Place reunion.

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Are Jo, Michael and Jane anticipating a bitchy welcome from Amanda? Is the Pope Catholic?

Fans of the original Melrose Place will finally get what they’ve been waiting for on the March 30 episode — a reunion of Melrosers Josie Bissett (Jane), Daphne Zuniga (Jo), Thomas Calabro (Michael) and Heather Locklear (Amanda).  From the looks of the photo The CW Network posted to its website and the Melrose Facebook page, the reunion is going to be a happy one. The veterans will probably share a laugh over the dramas of the newbies and will reminisce about the good old days. Were the ’90s really that long ago? Josie strikes me as the most well preserved among the ladies, but then I think she’s one of the younger cast members from the original crew. Ella (Katie  Cassidy) and Lauren (Stephanie Jacobsen) look dressed to kill while Drew (Nick Zano) and Riley (Jessica Lucas) cozy up in the Melrose pool. Does Drew own any shirts, anyway? For more preview pics, visit the CW’s Melrose site here.

Ella's knockout fashion sense is as experimental as ever.

It looks like Riley chose Drew over Ben.

Is Lauren heading to her latest "date"?

 Photos copyright 2009/2010 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.


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