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Ashlee Simpson-Wentz featured in Women’s video.

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Looking good is the best revenge. Just ask Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. The red-haired cutie may be on her way out as Violet Foster on Melrose Place, but she’s very much in the public eye this month with an appearance on the cover of the December issue of Women’s Health and a behind-the-scenes video about the photo shoot. Think what you will about Violet, but there’s no denying Ashlee has a rockin’ body. In the video she shows off her lithe curves, shares her post-baby fitness tips and comments on not taking the Hollywood lifestyle too seriously. Those were strangely prophetic words given her recent eviction from the show. Don’t cry for Ashlee, though. Her next stop is Broadway where she’s appearing as Roxie in Chicago. In the meantime, get your Ashlee fix by clicking here to see the video and photos from the shoot.

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November 25, 2009 at 11:27 pm

Melrose Place Facebook previews the December 1 Episode.

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Check out the CW’s Melrose Place Facebook page for a sneak preview of next week’s episode where Amanda and Michael finally come face to face after her return to terrorize Los Angeles. Here’s a selection of stills from the episode. For more shots, visit

Looks like Amanda (Heather Locklear) is happy to see Michael (Thomas Calabro) again. How long will the lovefest last?












Cougartown: Does Amanda have plans for Michael's son David (Shaun Sipos)?












Will Ella (Katie Cassidy) get her chance with Jonah (Michael Rady) before New Year's?












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Did Michael Mancini’s wife Vanessa (Brooke Burns) kill Sydney on Melrose Place?

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Sleeping with the enemy: Is Sydney's killer right under Michael's nose?

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. The November 17 episode put the idea in my head that Michael Mancini’s trophy wife Vanessa (Brooke Burns) may not be as clueless as she seems. When David (Shaun Sipos) ran into her on his way to confront Michael at their home, he told her he thought Papa Mancini offed Sydney because he had been sleeping with her, but she didn’t flinch. What gives? Vanessa has been pretty low key since the show began in September, popping up sporadically like a towering beauty pageant contestant next to Michael and not contributing much else to the story. The skimpy role seemed odd for a sexy TV actress with some recognition factor (the series Baywatch, North Shore and Pepper Dennis are on her resume). An entry on Wikipedia mentions that she is set to star in a new series called Mistresses so it stands to reason that Burns is getting a speedy exit from Melrose soon. My theory is that Vanessa knew about Michael’s indiscretions with Syd and went to the Melrose complex to confront her. Waiting in the shadows, she noticed that Syd’s apartment was a revolving door of men (such a shock!) as Michael, David and Auggie paid visits while she was flying high as a kite on drugs. After the drama with the guys passed, Vanessa finally faced off with Sydney and their catfight turned deadly with Vanessa accidentally, or purposely, stabbing Sydney with the knife that Syd had sliced Auggie with and tossing her bloody corpse in the Melrose pool. It’s no secret Vanessa isn’t fond of David so she probably planted the knife on him to make him think he did the deed during his blackout and later hid Sydney’s bloody necklace in Michael’s car to kill two birds with one stone. I suspect the good doctor’s wife had had her fill of the Mancini men!

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What is Amanda (Heather Locklear) looking for on Melrose Place?

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Can Ella (Katie Cassidy) live up to Amanda's devious diva standards?

Hurricane Heather Hits

November 17:  While lovebirds Riley and Jonah celebrate the rollout of Riley’s ads for Anton V’s eco denim line, Ella and Caleb are busy planning for the big PR launch party when their meeting is interrupted by legendary ad whiz turned PR queen Amanda Woodward (Heather Locklear, finally)  fresh from WPK’s New York office.  Amanda quickly shows how ten years away from L.A. haven’t slowed her down much as she rips into Caleb for putting in too many “man hours” on the Anton V account and promptly dismisses him, along with his “bat and balls.” Caleb tells Ella on the street that Amanda has an ulterior motive for returning to L.A. Will he pop up later with a discrimination lawsuit? When Ella tries to cozy up to her imperious new boss, she’s quickly put in her place and ordered to get Riley to spout sound bites from a fake bio jazzed up to add some rags-to-riches street cred to her privileged history. Riley balks at the prospect of lying for Amanda but relents when Ella tells her she can kiss her $10,000 fee goodbye if she doesn’t follow orders. Riley of course blows it at the big party and comes clean when a reporter from Vogue quizzes her about her supposed life of struggle and how her students must respect her.  Jonah is proud of the bone-headed beauty. Amanda, however, is not amused. After Ella passes Amanda’s unusual test of a tempting job offer from a beautiful British talent agent whose idea of a job interview involves the international language of French kissing, the senior blonde commands her potential protégé to prove her Amanda-in-training potential by finking on Riley to her boss at school for using sick days to model for Anton V.  Ella, who isn’t as ruthless as Queen Amanda (for now, anyway), refuses, so Amanda does the deed herself and Riley promptly loses her teaching gig. Thanksgiving will be pretty lean at the lovebirds’ nest, it seems. Nosing around Sydney’s surprisingly accessible apartment later, Amanda finds a taunting note from the ratty redhead boasting she’ll never find what she’s looking for. Syd always did love sticking it to Amanda, even in the afterlife.

Does Caleb (Victor Webster) have grounds for a discrimination lawsuit against Amanda?

If the Bloody Necklace Fits…

Auggie returns from his trip only to land in jail. David, who’s quickly emerging as Melrose’s unlikely white knight, compares notes with the Augster about the night Syd was offed and the hunky pair conclude that Auggie got caught up in a set-up meant for David, who suspects his dad Michael. After getting bailed out by David, Auggie interrupts the Melrosers lounging by the pool and gets a chilly reception even from a conflicted, but bodacious, Riley rocking a hot blue bikini. Violet, of course, is the all over the situation and keeps popping in on the Augster to lend a sympathetic naked limb or two. It isn’t until Riley’s latest rejection nearly pushes Auggie back to the bottle that Miss Violet, finding him alone, friendless, and most importantly, shirtless, hits the jackpot and distracts him with another vigorous round of boot bumping. She does wear amazing designer booties, doesn’t she? David, meanwhile, cases out Papa Mancini’s mansion and has a run-in with Michaels’ gigantic wife Vanessa (Brooke Burns). David warns the clueless Amazon that Dr. Mancini may have killed his mistress Sydney and suggests she take their kid and ditch the devious doctor. She remains strangely unresponsive. Later that night, David searches Michael’s car and finds the necklace Sydney wore the night she died, covered in blood in a zip-lock bag. Did Michael hide it there or did Violet do it to frame him during their recent encounter? Maybe Michael can explain himself on the December 1 episode which reunites him with his old neighbor, and sometime partner-in-crime, Amanda.

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Access Hollywood previews Heather Locklear’s return to Melrose Place.

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Tired of seeing that “Amanda Is Back” ad running endlessly on The CW? Check out Access, which has some great scenes of Heather Locklear’s first episode as Amanda Woodward on the new Melrose Place. Based on the in-depth preview, Heather hasn’t lost her bitchy bite, even though she may look  somewhat “refreshed” since her last appearance on the original show ten years ago. The couger version of Amanda leads with her cleavage and takes no prisoners, which means bad news for fans of Victor Webster’s Caleb. Click here to see how Ella’s job is about to get twice as hard.

Heather Preview Access Hollywood

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Did Auggie kill Sydney on Melrose Place?

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Is Auggie a killer or prey to Violet (Ashlee Simpson-Wentz)?

He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

Jonah and Riley’s chilly morning tiff was interrupted by a police raid on Auggie’s apartment after the blood type on the knife they found matched his. Does this leave David in the clear? He left the drama of the last episode aside and whisked his half brother Noah off to an amusement park while Michael and his gigantic wife were away from the house. Of course the fidgety tyke took a tumble requiring a quick trip to the hospital where Mrs. Mancini banished David from Noah’s life. Michael, surprisingly, was more forgiving when he realized how much the little boy means to his big brother. Lauren was impressed by David’s sensitive side too, but pulled away from his kisses when memories of her hooker dates made her feel too dirty to contemplate a real romance. Michael may have been in a rare understanding mood where David was concerned but he went after Violet with both barrels after she tried to force him to find her a lawyer for an impending court date. Checking up on her case, the good doctor turned the tables on her and leveraged his friendship with a judge, who was a grateful former patient, to free himself from her iPhone sex video blackmail scheme. A sulking Miss Violet struck out with Lauren too when she got turned down as Lauren and Ella’s potential new roommate.

Ella & Jonah

Jonah (Michael Rady) may have deep-seated feelings for Ella (Katie Cassidy) after all.

Engaging Conversation

Ella was too busy trying to get a hot German film director as a new client for WPK to worry about Violet’s sudden money troubles. Realizing she could leverage Jonah’s movie expertise to woo the wunderkind, she interrupted his latest argument with Riley (yet again) and recruited him to pretend to be her WPK colleague during a business lunch with the director. When the amorous auteur proved to have an admiring eye –and paw — for Ella, Jonah passed himself off as her fiancé to cool him down. A delighted Ella made no effort to convince the director otherwise. When she later invited Jonah to road test their real chemistry at a nearby hotel, however, he quickly shot her down and ran home to Riley, who had a strange online chat with Auggie. The Augster said he regretted ruining his life but wouldn’t elaborate on what he had done. Riley assumed he meant that he killed Sydney and called the cops, but was the person on the other end of that IM really Auggie? Tune in Melrosers, because next week the bitch is back. I suspect Ella will have a very bad day when Heather Locklear finally reprises her role as a certain Amanda Woodward.

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