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Ella (Katie Cassidy) becomes the prime suspect in Sydney’s death on Melrose Place.

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Ella’s Crappy Birthday

Did Ella's war with Sydney end with her killing the ratty redhead?

Did Ella's war with Sydney end with her killing the ratty redhead?

Ella’s birthday doesn’t quite go the way she planned. She arrives at her office at WPK to find the cops waiting to interrogate her following Jane’s incriminating phone call to them about Ella’s threatening emails to Sydney just before her death. Ella’s flashbacks showed us how Syd was impressed enough with how Ella used crocodile tears to wriggle out of getting towed to hire her to publicize her art gallery. Their relationship soured, however, when Ella’s PR results didn’t translate into sales for Syd. As Ella’s star rose at WPK, Sydney felt pushed aside and left behind so she waged a campaign to knock Ella down to size. Their bitchy back-and-forth pushed Ella to hire a sleazy Hollywood private eye to dig up dirt on how Syd was trying to ruin Ella’s life. Problem was that the snoop happened upon Sydney’s murder scene. The big question is whether he offed her (too obvious a scenario, if you ask me) or found her after Ella had done the deed, as he told the cops, who are only too eager to slap cuffs on the shapely Miss Simms. 

Violet's attraction to Auggie is proving dangerous for those around him.

Violet's attraction to Auggie is proving dangerous for those around him.

It Takes a Thief

Ella’s party at Coal was rife with tension as the Melrosers bickered left and right while Ella unwrapped her presents. Jonah suspected David (the cat burglar) of swiping an expensive diamond necklace that was in the footage he showed David of some mansions he videotaped for a high-end real estate agent. David was indignant at Jonah’s accusations and Jonah ended up apologizing later when the necklace turned up. David played it cool and let Jonah eat crow but we know better, don’t we? Riley, meanwhile, had her own tiff with Lauren for standing her up on a planned shopping trip for her wedding gown. Riley feels neglected by Lauren, who has been extra busy with her hospital gig and her night job as a hooker. Funny how time flies when you’re juggling saving lives with servicing unrealistically handsome johns. Honestly, does anyone else notice how lucky Lauren has been to only get good-looking customers? Why do they need to pay for sex in the first place??? Lauren’s dance card is gonna get a whole lot busier now that Wendy the madam has hired her full time and Riley is expecting her to fulfill her duties as her maid of honor. At Coal, Violet, who is still angling to get closer to Auggie, wasn’t digging how Kira the hot bartender was touching his arm. Forget that the Augster apparently had been Kira’s AA buddy. What’s a girl to do? Well, she makes sure to be extra helpful to Kira and plants $700 from the register in the poor gal’s purse when she isn’t looking, conveniently knocking it off the bar so the cash spills out right in front of Auggie. Kira maintains her innocence but the boss doesn’t buy it and cans her. A smirking Violet ends up with her job and finishes the episode holding Auggie’s well-muscled arm. Fancy that!

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